jcpenney employee kiosk

Introduced in the 80s, the JCPenney employee kiosk was first used by the employees. For convenience, they were offered to guest too. Park registrations and reservations were done by guests through the JCPenney kiosk and success was recorded. Corporations like Wal-Malt and companies like ATT are already using this indispensable tool. As time goes on, other companies integrated these into their stores. Registration and enrollment are the widest use of JCPenney employee kiosk. Employees also use this program to view their schedule online, apply for transfers and company benefits.

jcpenney employee kiosk

JCP employee kiosk is essentially an access route through which employees can check their personal HR (Human Resource). It is also to provide announcements and updates for employees in different stores nationwide. It helps the employees to know their association status with the company. The platform provides answers to the too many questions of the employees. Recent posts, tweets and news are easily accessed by the employees. This technology is to motivate employees to work harder. Adverts and marketing guides can be accessed through the JCPenney employee kiosk. No doubt, this program is designed to meet the basic HR needs of the employees. However, the company in the process, fast track the delivery of HR services and enhances their management functions. This employee kiosk is introduced to deal with several concerns of the company.

Assessment, attraction, selection and rewarding employees is best done by Human Resource management. In some cases, an employee may desire to exercise his legal authority to hold collective bargaining agreement; the company’s primary liaison with the employee representative is then the Human Resource. However, HR was originally designed for such administrative works such as payroll and benefits services. Due to rapid civilization and enlightenment, HR is now deals more with strategic initiatives such as talent management, industrial and labor relations, mergers and acquisitions, diversity and succession planning. These functions may therefore be carried out by trained professionals. Non-HR personnel can also fit in as they will only need to participate in training exercises to give them the basics to HR. JCPenney employee kiosk is geared towards dealing with concerns of Human Relation.

However, records of days when an employee is out of work perhaps on leave of absence are kept and found in the JCPenney employee kiosk. These records may also include sick days, medical appointments and all attendance issues. Then, Human Resource seemed to be the best service to analyze these concerns. You can take maximum advantage of JCPenney employee kiosk if your relationship with JCPenney is that of suitably recognized employee. General rules of JCPenney corporate policies can be viewed through the employee kiosk link. A major benefit derived from this program is the reduction of the HR operational costs of the company and distant employees are also glad to know that there is now a direct link between the JCPenney employee kiosk and the employees themselves.

Accessing the JCPenney employee kiosk is very easy. All the employee need to do is to click the “login” button below the employee kiosk homepage. A prompt will request employee’s login information. Enter the correct information and you are presented with your unique page. The website offers smooth navigation. Easily, you can navigate through the whole page accessing the services in the process.

Employees  information is safe with the SSL (secure socket Layer) security protocol in place. All SSL connections go through the “https” and not the usual “http”. The “https” is the secured connection and this explains clearly why you should not fill in your credit card number on a site without the secured “https”. Safety of your information is rest assured while using the JCPenney employee kiosk.